Best CBD Pain Relief GEL Topical

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Best CBD  Pain Relief GEL Topical

INSTANT Pain relief using our freeze Best CBD Gel .
The cooling menthol gel spreads smooth and absorbs into the skin quickly to relieve the inflamed area. Dries quickly so you can get dressed right away and not soil your clothes. This Gel works wonders on mosquito bites to reduce swelling and stop the itch. 240 or 500 Milligrams Of certified CBD is what makes this work so well. Unlike the old days of pain cream that smelled and just heated the area of inflammation.

The Best CBD Gel comes in this 4 oz. Squeeze bottle, with a flip top nozzle for easy handling. 

Using a small amount directly on the pain area is all you need.  Depending on how active you are and how much pain you are in will determine how often you will need to apply the gel. Our clients shared with us that they mostly use it once at night before bedtime and in the morning before getting dressed. The gel can also be used for headaches by touching a dot on each side of your temples. You can also use this gel for mosquito bites to stop the itch and reduce the swelling. The gel penetrates the skin through the pores and starts the soothing sensation right away. The CBD enters the area and starts the anti-inflammatory steps to start working and start giving you fast relief and comfort. This is a great formula if you keep this in your car or truck or motorcycle. 

Never Harsh Chemical! only genuine ingredients. Now this is what I call pain management :) 

240 or 500 Milligrams of Certified approved CBD goes into every bottle made here in the USA. The ingredients are real. Aloe juice, Isopropanol, Witch-Hazel, water, Steric Acid Menthol, Lavender oil, cellulose, Cannabidiol CBD Isolate. Tea Tree Oil, Xanthan Gum  


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