Neck Pain Relief

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Neck Pain Relief

How to apply and Use CBD Pain relief cream on your neck in the exact location where you are experiencing the pain .

Neck pain relief, using CBD pain cream daily. This will help you cope with your pain and discomfort. CBD is a natural autoinflammatory which comes in different strengths. The strength will Depend on your activity and age and of course pain level. We offer CBD Pain cream in different formulas such as Balms, creams, with menthol and non menthol. Balm cream combos come in a  roll ups form. Gel is an alcohol base type that comes in a squirt jar or a Roll on.  The best time to apply any of the CBD cream to the skin is after a nice hot shower because it will absorb much faster into the pores of your skin. It will still work fine with or without taking the shower. Apply a small amount directly to the area that you feel your pain. Example: on the back of your neck or the sides of your neck put it directly where the pain is bothering you.  Use the CBD cream before or After your day is complete. You can apply a small amount of the CBD Pain Relief cream on the same areas to give you relief during your sleep time or in the morning before your day begins. In addition to the CBD Pain Cream you can also take Tincture CBD OILS or Gummies as part of your diet to get the healthy nutrition that CBD offers your body. CBD is available in an isolate, Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum. Broad or Full spectrum would be your best choice for any joint pain you have. By taking CBD orally you are absorbing the CBD directly to your blood stream and it will travel through your body to see where the inflammation is. Covering the pain spot with CBD pain cream and taking CBD in the blood stream will help you reduce the pain because best because it will work from inside your body OUT and from the OUTSIDE your body in. 



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