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CBD Edibles come in different types and forms. We carry everything from Cotton Candy, to Gummies, Chocolate, Dried Fruits, Honey, Herbal Teas, Gourmet Coffees and more.

Isolate CBD is CBD in it's purest form. The only part of the hemp plant used is the CBD. Isolate is more refined than other types of CBD but depending on you and your situation, this may not necessarily be a good thing. Many consider Isolate to be the best because it contains as they say "no unwanted plant material". Isolate is THC free. And for users who choose Isolate, this is enough for them. But every one has different issues, different needs and different DNA.

Broad Spectrum is made from most of the hemp plant and contains more cannabinoids (parts of the plant) where as isolate only uses one cannabinoid, the CBD itself. Users of Broad Spectum may find this works better for them because it uses all parts of the hemp plant except for the THC.

Full Spectrum is made of all parts of the hemp plant. The entire plant is used including 0.03% THC or less by volume.

Broad and Full Spectum CBD seam to work best in most people as the parts of the plant combine with the receptors in your brain and in your body better than Isolate. These extra plant parts of cannabinoids create what is known as the Entourage Effect, making the parts of the plant work together in your body.