Hemp Derived THC 8 Edibles

Hemp derived THC also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol and it comes in different forms. Depending on what type you use, it can be taken orally or inhaled. 

It is less psychoactive than marijuana meaning it is more physically sedative than mentally sedative.

Unlike CBD or Marijuana. Delta 8 binds to both receptors in your body rather than one of them creating an effect that is more comfortable.

Effects of Hemp Derived THC vary by person and dosage but the average person can expect the following when compared to the THC in marijuana.
Less/No Paranoia
Less/No Anxiety
Less/No Couch Lock
Mood Enhancer
REM Sleep
Increased Sex Drive
Increased Appetite
Less Nausea

D8 products found on our website have passed Drug Enforcement Agency lab tests and do not use a synthetic extraction process. Delta 8 is illegal in some states and laws are changing all the time. Check your local laws regarding Hemp Derived THC before placing your order.