Organic Bug Spray 4oz by FTD

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Our PURE PLUS Organic Bug Spray contains a natural blend of essential oils, that have been proven to have bug repellent properties.

Essential Oil Blend
4.0% L. Eucalyptus,
3.0% Citronella,
2.0% Lemongrass,
1.0% Cedarwood,
0.8% Rosemary,
0.7% Lavender,
0.4% Peppermint,
0.3% Tea Tree,
0.2% Geranium
Inert Ingredients:
Distilled Water, FTD Soap

Spray on skin or clothing to help deter Mosquito, Fleas and TIcks

Keep out of reach of children. If skin irritation occurs, wash with warm soap and water. Avoid contact with eyes Do not ingest

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a Hemp product.

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