Sage Hand Dipped Incense

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Sage - “Sacred Prayers”

  • Meditation, Purifier, Cleansing, Prayers, Healing, Wisdom, Longevity, Clarity, Knowledge, inspiration, Psychic Protection, Divination, Wealth
  • Protection from evil. Purify sacred spaces and ritual tools. Promoting wisdom, clarity, attract money. Aid in the healing the body, mind, & soul. Helps release desires, to develop concentration, creativity and intuition.
  • Sage has long been used to eliminate negative energy and purify sacred spaces and ritual tools. It promotes wisdom and clarity. It can aid in the healing the body, mind, and soul. Use white sage to enhance concentration, creativity and intuition.

You will receive a minimum of 25 Incense Sticks per Bag.

Whatever reason you have for burning Sage incense, enjoy it responsibly and make sure you always have adequate ventilation.

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